Taking a big step is actually kind of scary. Not because of the step we're taking, but the change that will occur afterwards. Even if it's a good thing. Sometimes the thought of new responsibility, new accountability, and new achievements is scarier than the result of staying stagnant. Fortunately, if you've followed a process that set you up for success, your fear is unwarranted. The only thing to fear now, is what's holding you back. When you're moving forward, and that step seems bigger than normal...TAKE IT! Trust your Savior, trust the process, and step out on faith!

Are you new to fitness?

Fitness, gyms, and new goals can be scary and intimidating. Our goal is to help guide and motivate you as you start exploring fitness. 

will you let us help?

Are you worried you may not be able to keep up? This class is designed to start from the beginning. We'll meet you where you are and guide you through each step of creating a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of a group...

Our group classes form a bond that serves to motivate and encourage each participant as they tackle  new challenges and goals. The group atmosphere is also a great way to stay accountable. 

When: First Session: March 15-April 21, 2016

Second Session: April 11-May 18, 2016

Summer Session:June 7th-July 14th,2016

Time: FIRST SESSION: Tues and Thurs at 8:15 am;

Second Session: Mon And Wed at 4:30 Pm.

Summer Session: 

(Class will last between 45-60 min.)

Price: $115

Includes: Weekly Group Fitness, Open gym access, and child care

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