Pre Vs. Post Event Massage Treatment

Massage has been part of sports and fitness since the times of the ancient Greeks. It can be used in preparation for a workout or competition, during rest periods between activities, for recuperation, the treatment for minor injuries, and for psychological benefits as well.

There are five applications of massage for athletes: recovery, remedial, rehabilitation, maintenance, and event. When talking about an athlete that is competing the massage techniques will vary due to which stage the athlete is in during training. Pre-event massage is very different from other applications of massage. It is meant to be short 10-20min and to prepare the athlete and stimulate focus and alertness. Post-event massage is designed to help in the recovery of the athlete both physically and psychologically.

In general massage is a major benefit to an athlete’s performance. Regular massage will help reduce muscle hypertonicity and spasm by stretching and loosening connective tissue in stressed areas. It enhances general flexibility and range of motion, as well as decrease the impact of delayed onset muscle soreness.

The main goal of regular massage for an athlete is to help prevent injury while maintaining an upbeat and positive outlook on the task they have ahead. Finding a good sports massage therapist is a great way to enhance any athletic performance goal.

Erin Beach, LMT