Meet Sarah: Revisit Sarah almost 1 year later!

Sarah has been dedicated for the last year, Almost 1 year later... "I can't wait to continue on the path they have set forth for me of healthy living. 45lbs and many many inches I have lost on this adventure and more to come with the next year ahead! Thank you Jason and Amy , and everyone else for your support and encouragement!"

Meet Natalie!

Natalie is a senior this year...

Natalie is an all around great young lady.  She's always pleasant and works hard.  Because of her dedication to her health, she has made great progress.  Natalie, thank you for your commitment.  It has inspired us at Bodyshop Athletics X.

Meet Sally

What Bodyshop X Means to Me… 

I first started working out at Bodyshop Athletics X in September, 2012. I used to go to bootcamp classes at the Bodyshop in Lexington but when we moved to Chapin, it just got too difficult to make the trek across town. That was part of my problem – making excuses. I used to talk myself out of working out all the time – I’m too tired, I’ve got too much to do, my kids are driving me nuts, I need to run errands, I don’t want to wash my hair again….you name it.

I enrolled in the Unleashed Weight Loss Challenge in January 2013. This was my second weight loss challenge but this time I was determined to loose the extra pounds and NOT gain them back. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter my whole adult life it seems. I’d lose weight then gain it back (and then some!) But during this last challenge, I was determined to change my life and stay on track. I told Jason that he had to push me hard during the workouts and even if I threw up or passed out….I need goals and challenges in order to stay focused and make progress. And that’s what Jason did. He challenged me and pushed me to my limits during each session.

Then, the light bulb came on. Six months passed and I hadn’t gained the weight back. Amazing!!! It was working, I was staying on track! I’d set more goals and Jason would help me achieve them. I’d come in one morning and say something like “I wanna do a handstand pushup” and Jason would walk me through each step of the way, instructing and encouraging me the whole time. Or, I’d say, show me how to do this move – and we’d work on it until I got it.

My life has change drastically since I’ve been at Bodyshop Athletics X. It’s not just a gym. It’s a place where courage is built, bodies become stronger and friendships are made. There is no intimidation, no uncomfortable conversations, no fluff or frills. To me, Bodyshop Athletics X is the place where I found myself again….where I enjoy coming, where my self-esteem has been strengthened, where I discovered my inner beast. I feel like I’m such a better wife, mom and friend because of Bodyshop Athletics X.

The past few months have been exciting for me. I’m also a runner. Since October, I’ve done two half marathons and two 5K’s and because of my conditioning and strength training, I’ve set PR’s in all four races I’ve done since October. My life is improving in Every. Single. Way.

You can’t afford not to do this for yourself. You have to make time for yourself. You owe it to not only yourself but to your family and children too. Trust me, it’s the best gift you can ever give yourself!

I am strong and courageous. My God is with me. – Joshua 1:9

Meet Whitney

Here's Whitney's Story! Bodyshop Athletics X has seen me at my best and not so best. I tore my ACL the first game of the season my senior year of high school. I went from playing the sport I love, soccer, every day to sitting on the sidelines watching my team make it to Lower State playoffs without me. I was also concerned what this injury meant for my future in college soccer at Limestone College.  This put me through a period of depression.  Although I tore my ACL, Bodyshop Athletics X made a program to work around my limitations that allowed me to maintain my baseline of fitness.  My physical therapist was impressed that I had minimal amounts of muscle atrophy in my upper body. When I was cleared from therapy, I was able to go “ham” in the gym. Bodyshop Athletics X helped me regain my speed, strength and power. Through this mentally draining period of time, Bodyshop Athletics X was an emotional and spiritual anchor for me. The atmosphere is extremely upbeat and encouraging.  I was reminded that God had a plan for me, and that a setback was a set up for something greater.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Meet Sarah

Sarah has shown great dedication to both her workout program and her nutritioni plan.  We have seen her grow tremendously since she began.

Meet the Raines Family

The Raines Family is a great example of family togetherness.  They workout together and play together.  It's a pleasure to have them as a part of the Bodyshop Athletics X Family

Meet April

April has been a part of the Bodyshop Athletics Family for a long time.  She currently trains at Bodyshop Athletics X.  After having a baby, she set out with new goals.  April is a joy to train!