Deceleration Drill: Agility Ladder and Cones

In this drill, Matt demonstrates a drill that improves an athletes ability to slow down.  Slowing down appropriately helps athletes adjust to constantly varied playing tempos and changing direction.


Single Leg Lateral Hop-Ladder Drill

Single leg lateral hops help develop balance, improve reaction time to ground force, improves functional awareness, quickness, and lower leg strength.

M-Drill: Pro Agility Cone Drill


The M-Drill is used to improve changing direction, explosive first step, and agility. Implement this drill into your training program to help improve your athleticism.

Lateral Shuffle-Ladder Drill

Welcome to the first video in the Bodyshop Athletics X Speed Series.  In this video, we discuss how to do a lateral shuffle.  A lateral shuffle will improve agility and muscle memory for sports that require athletes to move side to side or change directions quickly.