December Client of the Month

Name: Michelle Fryer

Birth Date: October 1, 1968

How long have you been working out at Bodyshop Athletics X? 8 months

What is your favorite food? I love thin, crisp veggie pizzas!

What is your favorite exercise? It's hard to choose just one....not burpees! I like doing candlesticks.

Did you have any goals? How have you accomplished them? I have three young adults (children) and I am very involved with teenagers - I don't like being left out or behind! (Not to mention looking "hot" for my husband!) I wanted to lose some weight, and improve my fitness and stamina. During the school year, I am only able to work out at Bodyshop X 3 out of 5 weekdays because of other commitments but the variety and intensity of our workouts has definitely paid off. I want to get better at making time on Saturdays to get to the gym. I don't let my brain talk my body out of getting up and getting moving. If I can't make a workout, I don't let myself think that I've messed up and why bother. It's consistency that delivers the biggest rewards.

I have also tried to change what and when I eat. I am trying to find interesting, high protein, low sugar foods that keep me satisfied longer than junk food. Our family is very busy most nights, and supper time can get pretty late. I try really hard to be done with food by 8pm. It doesn't always work, but, again long term, consistency is key

Why is working out important to you? What keeps you motivated to pursue health? I love being active - our family loves athletics. We have built many life-long friendships though sports. It is something we enjoy doing as a family. I don't want to get to a point in my life where I have to be a spectator. I choose to stay in the game! Working out at Bodyshop X has made me stronger, leaner, and more agile. I move better than I did 8 months ago. 

Working out gives me a real sense of accomplishment. Making it through one of Amy's classes makes me feel like there isn't much I won't be able to finish during the rest of my day. God blessed me with a healthy body. I want to thank Him for that by taking care of myself.

What is one of your favorite or most memorable moments so far at Bodyshop Athletics X?Also, hard to choose just one! But, ok - I don't mind laughing at myself. Alli was leading the class I was in and I was to do inchworms across the room and back. I couldn't remember what inchworms were and I got down on the floor and tried to do the "worm" (the dance move). i'm not very good at it, and I told Alli it was going to take a long time for me to get down and back across the room. She didn't laugh too hard, and told me how I needed to do it. I got really tickled with myself! But, nobody made me feel stupid. I like a good laugh!

After working out, we pray together. We strengthen our bodies, and our souls, as fit, active people who recognize the Lord that allows us the opportunities that we have!

How would you describe your experience at Bodyshop Athletics X to a friend? Tough workouts! Great trainers! An exceptional value! Fabulous people! Welcoming!

Is there anything you would like to mention? I came into Bodyshop X, seeing folks who looked strong and able. I felt like - man, I've let myself go - I was a little intimidated - all self inflicted! Bodyshop X is a very welcoming place. It didn't take long, at all, for me to see that I could do my best and have a safe place to improve at my own pace. I want to go workout. I really miss it when I can't go. I love the ladies I work out with. All of the trainers and management work hard to lead us and to offer interesting, challenging workouts. If you have ever had any interest in improving your fitness, I would encourage you to give Bodyshop X a try.