October Client of the Month

Here is a little bit about what Patsy has to say about being here at Bodyshop X!

 I started this program in Jan 2017.  Coming into a gym was not what I wanted to do. With the support and help of my daughter and husband starting with me, we tried to come 3 days a week.  The staff put us into our own group for beginners, this was wonderful.  Through the help and encouragement of the staff we enjoyed going.  Over the year my husband started working different hours and my daughter became pregnant.   At that point I thought about leaving too.  Thanks to the staff at Bodyshop X I have continued trying to get a workout in 3 days a week.  The best news is my cholesterol.  I have been on medication for years which brought my cholesterol down to 250, but this month my blood work has my cholesterol at 173, and I have lost weight as well.  Other then the exercise and occasional dieting I feel this drop in cholesterol has come from the workouts at Bodyshop X.

Jason, Alli and Matt, thank you so much for all you have done.  You all make this a family and a fun way to exercise.