March Clients of the Month

Jay and Patti.jpg

Name: Jay & Patti Dunlap

How long have you been working out at Bodyshop Athletics X? Jay 6 months. Patti 1 1/2 Yrs

What is your favorite food? Jay - Hot Dog. Patti - Chocolate

What is your favorite exercise? Jay - Dead Lift. Patti - Anything with weights.

Did you have any goals? How have you accomplished them? Jay- Regain flexiblebilty, stand straighter and increase strength. With Matt's help and Erin's Rossiter therapy I have been able to be flat on my back and have head touch the floor. A very big accomplishment for me. Patti - Work on muscle strength as I age. I actually feel confident if on the floor that I can get up without help.

Why is working out important to you? What keeps you motivated to pursue health? Jay - I had become weak and inflexible that led to poor posture. Working out has improved this greatly. Patti - It is important to me to work out so that as I age I continue to be able to be flexible, balanced and active.

What is one of your favorite or most memorable moments so far at Bodyshop Athletics X? Jay- The day my head actually was able to reach the bench in the bench press. Patti - The day I did burpees for the first time. It was not so pretty but I did it. I did not know what a burpee was before going to Bodyshop Athletics X. Oh, and doing a deadlift of , I think 165lbs was the last number I hit.

How would you describe your experience at Bodyshop Athletics X to a friend? Jay and Patti - The staff and people at the Bodyshop Athletics X are what makes this gym so wonderful. It is a family friendly gym. It is fun seeing all the kids working out and being taught early in being strong and healthy. The staff and trainers are first class and very knowledgeable. It is a great place to go!

Is there anything you would like to mention? If anyone is hesitant to walk into a gym for fear of being intimidated, there is no worry of this at Bodyshop Athletics X gym. When you hit a milestone or a heavier lift everyone there gets excited and cheers you on. Very supportive and like family. Jay and I have gained new friendships that will be life long. Come on and join us on our journey to aging healthier with grace!