August Client of the Month


Birth Date: November 28, 1977

How long have you been working out at Bodyshop Athletics X? 8 months

What is your favorite food? There can't be just one! Some of my favorites are watermelon, sushi, and (yikes) french fries.

What is your favorite exercise? Kettlebell Swings

Did you have any goals? How have you accomplished them? Fit by 40! Well, I should have started before January given that I turn 40 in November. However, I have definitely made progress since starting at BodyShop. I'd gained lots of weight over the past 12 years. I've lost some weight, and I can definitely see more muscle definition. I'm stronger, and I feel better!

Why is working out important to you? What keeps you motivated to pursue health? As a working mom and wife, I am always busy. I've made excuses for so long about why working out during the school year just doesn't fit in my schedule. I am so thankful that I finally decided to make a change. I love that my children see that I am making efforts to be physically healthy. The Bodyshop family makes exercise fun...even at 5:00 in the morning! I enjoy the results that I can see and feel, and I know that consistency is crucial. I look forward to continued weight loss and feeling stronger and better!

What is one of your favorite or most memorable moments so far at Bodyshop Athletics X? My favorite moments at Bodyshop include all the times that I am able to do something that I previously couldn't do! Of course, it's the laughs and all of the encouragement that make it fun.

How would you describe your experience at Bodyshop Athletics X to a friend? Bodyshop is a place where fellowship and training merge to keep me motivated! I've never felt intimidated or worried about what I couldn't do. I love being in an environment where others push to do as much as they can while encouraging others to give their best. Bodyshop is what works for me, and I love finishing our workouts in a time of prayer. Getting out of bed for 5 am workouts is tough for me, but it's always worth it once I walk in the door of Bodyshop!