Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer

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Bodyshop Athletics X is looking for a dedicated Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer committed to the success their clients. Bodyshop Athletics X Coaches are enthusiastic about seeing people succeed in their fitness, health, and wellness goals. Duties include leading clients through assessments and prescribing exercise programming aimed at meeting the goals of each client that you meet. All candidates for this job must be motivated to help people succeed.

The responsibilities of BX Coaches include assessing the current fitness level of prospective clients. Creating and leading clients through appropriate exercise programming. Motivating clients to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. BX Coaches should be active members of their community and have the ability to recruit new clients.

Certification and Education Requirements:

Degree in Exercise Science Field or Fitness Certification is preferred.

If candidate does not have a degree or fitness certification, the candidate must have suitable work experience or be willing to work toward certification.

Job skills and requirements:

-Working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and exercise science

-Team Oriented

-Good with people

-Public Speaking

-Working knowledge of MS Office. (Word, Excel, Power point, Publisher)



Additionalskills but not required:

-Understanding of Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop)

-Working knowledge of social media


Compensation: $12-$18/hr. + Commission

**Note: Childcare is provided for staff during select times of day.**