If you're coming here because you want that one piece of nutrition advice that's going to put you at the dream spot, you've come to the right spot...there isn't one piece of advice that's going to make your nutritional goals any easier. Your goal will be achieved by combining sound principles, determining strategies that fall within the principles and following the process.

Before we start, let's agree on a few assumptions:

1) If anyone tells you, "This is the one thing that will fix everything." You should research it.

2) There are many nutrition ideologies with sound scientific evidence.

3) Most nutrition programs are designed to help people

4) Nutrition programs are based on relative predictability

5) Very little success comes from mixing independent pieces from multiple nutrition programs

The majority of nutrition programs are used because someone found success. Success in the realm of nutrition can be in the form of weight loss, gained strength, improved energy, etc. There are many ways to define nutritional success. However, most programs are designed with reasonable predictability that enable the program proctor to make adjustments. As a client progresses through a nutrition program, they're going to come across questions, sticking points, and road blocks. If the proctor understands the program, each aforementioned scenario can be addressed. Problems in nutrition programs begin to arise when ideology from multiple programs are intertwined with little reason except, "I saw "(insert name here)" did this. She/He's a beast, so I thought it would be good." It's very common for individuals to assume because someone else uses a tool and is successful, that the same tool should be used the exact same way. The tools used are not always the change agent, but the principles that drive their use are.

ie.  Someone may want to lose weight, but want to increase strength. One of the often misplaced ideologies is avoiding food after 8 pm. Unfortunately, weight maybe lost with this ideology, but gaining strength involves fueling the muscles. Eating after 8 may be a necessity.

So what?

When determining what route you're going to take for nutrition, it helps to set your goals first. Then it helps to find the principles that most appropriately address the goal. Finally, determine what tools you'll use to make your progress.

"Determine your goal and deconstruct the process."