You set a few goals a couple of weeks ago, and they were going well.  After 3.5 weeks you started sliding back into old habits. This tends to be your calling card. But now you’re tired of going back and forth.  Why do you get derailed when you start new goals?


Several excuses include:

1)      Life gets in the way.

2)      It’s a bad time.

3)      I don’t have time.

In the fitness industry, we’re quick to say “Stop making excuses, just do it.” Or the infamous “You just don’t want it bad enough.” Aka, “Your why is not greater than you excuses.” There are times where these are legitimate gripes from fitness professionals. There are also times where you may not really understand.  Let’s try to clear some things up. Ask yourself a couple of questions…

1)      When did you start?

Starting a goal during a down time or break in your routine is very common. The idea is to start now and keep it up. As time progresses and pressure comes, your momentum will carry you through.

The hang up…

If you start at a down time and fail to address the behaviors that mess you up during a busy season, or “when life happens” you’ve set yourself up for disaster.

The Fix…

Start in a down time or break, but assess your busy time and take note of disruptive behaviors. Understand that life is more regular than you think.  If your co-workers go out to eat regularly, you need to plan for that one week to a month in advance. If your kids play sports, you need to plan your goals to move through it. If your job has meetings  every week make the plan fit your meetings.

Yes, life happens, but most of what you call unexpected is quite predictable. Don’t set your goals passively. Plan, prepare, proceed.

2)      Why don’t I have time? Or Why is this a bad time?

This is always an interesting conversation. Consider the following:  The reason you don’t have time, is probably the reason your health is an issue.  Without taking time to work on yourself , you allow time for yourself to breakdown.

3)      Is it time or inconvenience?

When you set goals to make changes, you have to take into account, some behavior patterns have to change.

-          If the gym opens at 5, but you don’t have to be a work until 9, -Is it time or inconvenience?

-          If you can’t work out in the morning, but have an hour for lunch – Is it time or inconvenience?   

-          If your friends go out to eat, but you have to prepare your food - Is it time  or inconvenience?

Time is one thing, but if making changes was a convenient endeavor, you would have done it already. Accept that the process may be inconvenient, and create new behaviors.

When you start new goals, be aware that it’s not going to always run smoothly. Remember, you have a lot to do with how well it will go. Ask yourself important questions addressing the behavior patterns you use as excuses.  Once you’ve done a legitimate audit of your “life happening”, plan, prepare & pursue your goals.