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Welcome Back+Lessons from lifting part 1

Welcome Back

It has been a few years since I last posted a public blog. I was going back to read a few from a blog from 2014, Live life...Move. I've re-posted them to this blog as well. So please feel free to explore. They were all on fitness questions and responses to fitness questions. Speak Strength will not only speak on fitness, but it will also include information about being a business owner, and other things on life.

Lesson's from lifting part 1

That was not my weight.

That was not my weight.

Let's start with Weightlifting. I've decided to embark upon this ride of weightlifting. It's been an extremely fun ride. The process is slow and is an exercise in patience. Of all the things, this has been one that hasn't come easy.  There are so many moving and non-moving essentials in one maneuver that lasts less than 3 seconds.

So what have I learned?

When seemingly easy days are hard, you just have to fight to stand up.

That's pretty cliche right? I agree. But it's one of the truest statements one can get from weightlifting. Amidst all the fun singles at 90 percent or the max out Fridays, are the grinders at 70 percent. Expect in training, that some days that are checked off as easy to medium will out of the blue be extremely hard. There are a number of reason's for this, but that doesn't really matter. Those are days you test your gut. You tell yourself to finish whether you like the way it finished or not. That's when you learn weightlifting is just as much mental strength as it is physical strength. 

At the end of the day, I started the sport of weightlifting because it translates well to other sports. But in the midst of making athletes better on the field, this sport has immediate lessons in humility and patience. Two "intangibles" that will prove to be beneficial outside of sport.