Getting the proper equipment is necessary for almost any sport. In Olympic lifting the most common pieces are weightlifting shoes, wrist straps, a weightlifting belt, knee sleeves or wraps, and a singlet. While all of these are not necessary we do recommend getting a pair of weightlifting shoes if you are going to compete. These will help you put more force into the platform and give you more stability over a traditional running shoe or cross training shoe. Brands such as Adidas, Nike, or Inov-8 are ones we have tried and trust. They can all be found here.

Rouge Fitness Weightlifting and Eastbay Weightlifting

Becoming a USAW registered athlete is necessary to go to competitions. By registering as an athlete the weights you achieve at competition will be kept online so you can view them and also view others from around the country. Also you will then become eligible for national weightlifting events if your totals are high enough. To become a member click the link below. 

 USAW Membership Page

Competitions that we participate in are typically no more than a few hours away and are in South Carolina or a neighboring state. Cost for competitions entry fees are usually between $20-$50. If you are interested in looking for a competition that you want to participate in a link is provided below. 

USAW Events

There are a few events that we are looking to compete in and take the whole club to! If you find one that is better suited to your schedule let us know so we can come and help you with your first competition. Also as more events start to come up we will update the list.