Your Social Media vs You.

Now-a-days we are always connected to the internet, whether we like it or not. This has brought about many good changes. We can get information faster than ever. Traffic on the way to work, updates on the weather, important national news, and what your best friend's brother’s wife’s sister’s daughter ate for breakfast. (Figure that one out and keep reading. Lol!) However, there is an issue with this aspect of social media. The issue is that you are constantly comparing yourself to others so-called “perfect” social media posts.

You may follow these people for inspiration. The great abs, hair, cars, family, you name it, there’s an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or webpage for it. There are no problems, struggles, or drama to ever be found! Wow, that’s amazing and I’d love for my life to be like that! This is where we start to run into issues.

The fact of the matter is this: life doesn’t work like that. Plain and simple. Life has its ups, its downs, and its in betweens. You now only want to posts things that are “perfect”. And soon as you have a moment you like and want to share, you second guess yourself: “Is this good enough to post?” My knees moved a little during this new PR squat. My face is a little scrunched because it’s sunny outside on vacation. My progress picture isn’t as good as so and so’s. You just robbed yourself of your own happiness! You loved what you just did! You were so proud and now you’re unsure of yourself!

Here we are now debating a post. You don’t want to share this happy moment because…..(you finish the sentence). This whole thing could be a list of reasons why. But I don’t have the all those answers. What I do know is that no one is perfect. Those other “perfect” posts are there because it’s their job. They make money because of those posts. They are selling you something. If they didn’t look perfect all the time would you buy their product? Probably not because you don’t know them on a personal level.

Taking a look at someone’s feed can tell you a lot about someone. I can only speak for mine. Weightlifting consumes the majority of my posts. Lifts I make, times I miss lifts, foods that are healthy and unhealthy, and slightly embarrassing videos of my wife that make me love her even more. The guy in my social media feed is the same guy you will meet in BodyshopX.

When you come into BodyshopX these are the kind of people you will meet. Imperfect people who have goals, who reach for success, who will push you to reach your goals. We hear all the time “That would be cool if (blank), but that’ll never happen.” Then we keep each other accountable to make it happen Check out or social media. You’ll find the same people on there as you will in person.



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