I must confess... I had half a doughnut  the other night. I am not even a huge doughnut fan. I caved. That sweet little glazed circle of deliciousness was calling my name so like any other individual with a sweet tooth the size of Texas...I caved. I gave in. So critics  could say I fell off the horse, I got off track, I cheated on my nutrition plan, or that I am a failure. Yes, I fell of the horse but instead of eating the remaining 3.5 doughnuts that were in my house for breakfast I had my oatmeal, spinach, and eggs. I got back on the horse. I got back on track. Little advice to the world... If you stray from the straight and narrow a little, you will survive. The world will continue to turn and you will not gain 600 pounds if you eat something unhealthy every now and then. Just make sure that you "get back on the horse" and back on track of eating healthy. A very wise man  named  Jason once said  "YOU DON'T HAVE TO START ALL OVER."  Say it with me.... I DON'T HAVE TO START ALL OVER. Get back on the horse and keep moving forward. Do not roll around in self doubt, pity, or anger. Shake it off and eat your celery sticks. This same principal applies to workouts. If you miss a workout it will be ok. Just make time for yourself the following day and workout.  

So last week I completed Week 4 of the nutrition program. It was not by best effort. Last week I was distracted, unprepared, and fighting school stress. So I have decided to hold off on progressing to Week 5 of the nutrition plan and give Week 4 a better effort. This week has been so much better! I have made time to work out and sweat away my school stress. Snacks and meals have been carefully planned out. My snack of choice  this week has been celery and peanut butter. I am ready to see what Week 5 of the nutrition plan has in store for me! 


What is your favorite snack?