March 28, 2012

Running can be fun and is a great source of exercise.  However, if you’ve never really been active, running can be somewhat intimidating.  The intimidation can be subdued with a few tips.  Much of running is in your head.

1) Don’t go so fast…go further!

–Many first time runners head out of the gates in a dead sprint.  Generally thinking…”i just need to run 30 seconds, or “just make it to a certain point.”  Initially, these small goals sound great, but I’ve come across many 1st time runners who stop there.  They repeat the same routine week in and week out and feel like they’re getting nowhere.  If you only run that time you think you can go, you’ll just get better at running that time.or to that certain point.  Ideally, you need to increase your time or distance week to week, and just do it (almost sounds like a Nike commercial :-D) For first time runners, your body can go further than you think it can, but you may have to go much slower.  Speed comes with comfort and technique.  When it comes down to it…”Be slow, go long.”

2) It’s not a competition with anyone else but you.

Regardless of what fitness level you are, someone can do better, go faster, run longer, or has better technique…GET OVER IT!!! When you’re learning to run, it’s really all about getting to YOUR next level and not anyone elses.  Yes, sometimes competition is fun, and there is a time for it, but in the learning stages, it tends to do more harm.  Set your competition against your achievements from the week before.  Make the competition attainable, but not too easy.

3) It feels that way for everyone.

Truth: That feeling where you feel you THINK you need to stop? Everyone has it.  The difference? The people that continue to run realize that feeling doesn’t mean stop, it means get better.  Eventually, the body makes the necessary changes to push through it, you just have endure some discomfort for a short time.  Relax…don’t panic when you’re short of breath.