"Weight loss" is probably the most used phrase in the fitness industry.  Weight loss is extremely important for people who are carrying unhealthy amounts of weight on their body, but using weight loss as a measure of one's success often causes confusion.  Media is filled with information that encourages the general population to lose weight.  Media's fascination with "weight" and weight loss has painted a picture that weight loss is health. IT'S NOT. The problem that arises with losing weight is that the body is not designed to lose weight.  The body is designed to function in a physical/mechanical/performance capacity.  The body adapts to stressors or lack of stressors to perform most efficiently for it's current state.  That is why muscle is gained and/or muscle is lost. 

Why does weight loss cause confusion?  Have you ever heard seemingly "healthy sized" people mention, "I just need to get these last 10 pounds off?  Absolutely, you have!  For some people, there is a healthy amount of weight loss to be pursued, but for others, it would be better to pursue performance based goals. 

When should we start to pursue performance based goals?

Pursuing performance based goals should happen once a healthy bodyfat % is achieved.  Once a healthy bodyfat % is achieved to continue to pursue weight loss would require an unhealthy decrease in calories and high quality nutrition.  Once we lose the ability to adequately fuel our body for performance in the process of pursuing weigh loss, we essential have replaced one form of an unhealthy lifestyle with another unhealthy pursuit. 

When programming for weight loss, make sure a reduction in weight is not the sole measure of success.  Pursue health.

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