To whom it may concern,

I firmly believe in setting attainable resolutions or goals for 2015.  BUT, I cannot support your goal to get “skinny.”  In the last few days of 2014 I have seen numerous individuals use the word “skinny” to describe their goal for 2015.  A few years ago, “skinny” was my goal and “skinny” was what I got. I also developed a distorted view of my body along with serious eating issues.  I was obsessed with losing weight and chasing a body weight that was not meant for me.  I could not get to a place where I was “skinny” enough.  This word is what society has inappropriately set as a standard for women.

 Let’s be real… “skinny” is overrated.

“Skinny” has no place in 2015, but STRONG, HEALTHY, and FIT do.  Truthfully, STRONG sounds wayyyy cooler than “skinny.”  So ditch the fries and candy bars and start nibbling on some quinoa and brussel sprouts.  Set some personal records. Lift some heavy weights and run really far. Love your hard working body.  Oh and eat more real food.  As result of making positive lifestyle changes you will feel better and the scale just might move in your favor.  

Obviously you want to lose a few pounds in 2015… I get that. Me too! But I don’t want to be “skinny.” As for me, instead of criticizing my body in 2015, I am going to love it. I am going to love every pound that I have to lose. Wanna know why? Read Psalm 139:14. In 2015 I will strive to build a better body and a better me. I cannot attain this goal with negativity. With self love and dedication I will gain strength and create new personal records for myself. Building a better me requires working hard everyday.

So to you who think “skinny” is the answer to 2015… you are WRONG. “Skinny” is for your Starbucks lattes and jeans.  “Skinny” is cliché and a resolution that nobody keeps. Commit to something better than “skinny.”  Commit to STRONG, HEALTHY, and FIT.

Please let the New Year empower you. Make positive changes in your life. May 2015 bring you happiness, good health, and peace in your life.



“The girl who has no desire to be ‘skinny’“