Why the female population of the world should lift weights:

Prior to BSAX I did not lift weights. I was a cardio queen.  Then one magical day my life changed and weights became my bff. Along with a new found hobby, all the myths about women and weight lifting were debunked.  Ladies… you won’t look like Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Hulk if you lift big weights.  On the contrary, you will become a lean mean calorie burning machine. BOOM.

Because I want ladies to lift…. Here are a few cool reasons to encourage the female population to lift.

**DISCLAIMER:  I have not conducted any research to support the following statements… but I am sure that someone out there in the world did…so if you aren’t sure about what I am talking about just ask.**

1.  Cheap Therapy

Having a bad day? Significant other annoying you?  No worries! Just go lift some heavy weights. There is nothing like a good workout session (with weights) to get those endorphins flowing. Endorphins will send you on a trip to happy land and weights make you feel strong!

2. Bone Health

I know there is some scientific evidence out there to support this- weight lifting is good for your bones. It improves bone density. Women are susceptible to osteoporosis, so lifting provides an opportunity to protect yourself and build a strong body.

3. Calorie Burning Machine

Weights help develop muscle. Muscle mass = calorie bonfire.  The more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you will burn. Yippie!!

4. Girl Power

The common misconception is that weight lifting is a male activity. Um…no.  That’s just a silly idea. If guys can lift weights why can’t the ladies? We may not be able to “out lift” the guys but we can sure give them a run for their money. And lets be real… ladies look better lifting weights… we do it with more style and grace than the fellas! ;)

5. Self Confidence 

Beside the endorphins kicking in…self confidence spikes when lifting weights. I have had a huge boost in my own self confidence since I started pumping some iron. It is so empowering. Lifting more than your own body weight…how can you not feel good about that?? You set personal records and then that weight becomes a working set….BOOM. What up strong ladies?!?

Last but not least…

6. Your Butt

Ladies, think about your butt. You either love it, hate it, or pretend like it doesn’t exist. Regardless, you need your butt. Butt strength is sooo useful for a number of exercises. Lifting weights helps increase that booty strength, thus making life even better.  Think about it... when you bench press… you squeeze your butt. Plank? Squeeze your butt.  You want to squat? Squeeze your butt.  See my point?


The moral of the story is this, weight lifting is great for ladies! Weight lifting is great for everyone!!

So ladies (and gentlemen)- if you don’t know how to lift or just want to improve, lets us know! 

Be strong. Be empowered. Be a Proverbs 31 woman.

 And yes... I am wearing a scarf in the above photo... :P 

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