Age: Ronda:50   Paul:52

How long have you been working out at Bodyshop Athletics X? Ronda: Forever!!! approx 9 years! Paul: 5 years plus

What is your favorite food? Ronda: Chicken and sweet potatoes; Paul: Tres Amigos

What is your favorite exercise? Ronda: Burpees of course!!!! Paul: Deadlift

Did you have any goals? How have you accomplished them? Ronda: My goals are to be as healthy as possible as I am getting older and having a trainer who helps me stay motivated to workout. It helps to have someone that helps to hold you accountable. I know that I need to workout on a regular basis; however, if it was left up to me, I know I could make excuses the majority of the time not to work out as frequently as I should. It helps when you have someone who is knowledgeable and you can discuss exercise options, eating habits or changes you can make to your diet which allow for healthier choices. Paul: I only had a goal to feel better and be able to be active longer. I now have a goal of Dead Lifting 400 lbs and I am now at 300 lbs.

Why is working out important to you? What keeps you motivated to pursue health? RondaI think working out has allowed me to have more energy and be able to stay as active as I can. At Bodyshop X, you are surrounded by people who help motivate you to reach your goals by helping you organize a plan on how you can achieve where you want to be whether it be weight, eating habits and/or exercise challenges which allow you to make a true and easy lifestyle change. People often have the misconception that a lifestyle change is a bad thing. For me, making a true lifestyle change has lead to me feeling better about myself, being healthier and also having the ability to make better choices of how I can fuel my body to get a better result. PaulI keep working out because I truly believe the less you do the less you will be able to do

What is one of your favorite or most memorable moments so far at Bodyshop Athletics X?  Ronda - I think the most memorable time for me would be when we did a dental office challenge. Multiple dental offices in the area created teams which were challenged to workout "against" each other while doing your best as a group to eat healthy and exercise. The groups were weighed and measured for body fat at the beginning and end of the challenge. Jason came to the office that won and cooked a healthy meal for the winning team!!! PaulDead Lifting 300 lbs.

How would you describe your experience at Bodyshop Athletics X to a friend? Ronda: We can definitely say that Bodyshop Athletics X has become like a second family to us. We look forward to working out with lots of the same people each week as we all strive towards similar health goals. PaulThe work outs are tough, you may want to quit, but be consistent and it will pay off in the short run and the long run.

Is there anything you would like to mention? Ronda: Bodyshop X provides other services such as massage, nutrition counseling, mother/child workout, barbell club, summer camps for teen athletic groups, challenges for work groups along with a variety of other options for individual or group health. Paul: The staff at Bodyshop X is the best. They are tough when they need to be. They pay attention to each client and notice when an exercise is too difficult or causing an issue and quickly recommend an alternative. The instructors strive to engage each client and make us feel as though we are part of a team. This team effort makes me want to work out harder and be more consistent on those days when I would rather just go home after working all day.